Products and Services


Outreaches around Zimbabwe disseminating researched information to local opinion leaders who have the capacity to influence the majority levels of society for a patriotic paradigm shift.



Researches (and/or records) and archives Zimbabwean history and heritage from the field, institutions (tertiary institutions, National Archives, Museums and National Monuments) as well as live recordings of practitioners/participants. This is captured mainly in video form for further processing into documentaries for television broadcast or DVDs for sale. The same is also further processed into the literature that informs the Advocacy and Publishing programme.



The Patriot Newspaper and Heritage Publishing House constitute the Publishing operations.

  1. The Patriot Newspaper

The weekly newspaper is not for entertainment but educational purposes. The thrust is historical and factual and, accordingly, the articles are not just news but well-researched material by academics and not mainstream journalists.

  1. Heritage Publishing House

Within the broad Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (ZHT) objective, it is Heritage Publishing House’s task to transform the body of knowledge gathered by Research And Media into relevant literary forms (text books, journals, magazines etc.) that champion the vision and mission of the Trust to inform:

  1. A historically anchored pride in the Zimbabwean identity in current and future generations.
  2. A development-paradigm shift sustained by a patriotic consciousness of Zimbabwe’s rich heritage.